What is alarm response

Alarm Response

It may seem like a silly question. But alarm response is a serious and dangerous part of our profession and if not done correctly can endanger lives

Alarm response in general is pretty simple. An alarm is activated at your business or site, the monitoring company then calls us to attend. We then quickly attend the site to asses whats going on and deal with an issues that are found. sound simple hey ?

But there are time this can all go very wrong. Imagine arriving to your business in your robe thinking this is just another false alarm you have gotten out of bed for only to find two or three people going through your desk ! this is when things can get bad, ive seen it and been involved with situations like this personally. Why would you risk your safety or that of your staff for something that can be taken care of by a trained professional for a very affordable price.  All alarm details are added to our quality management system where a copy is then emailed to you. time stamped and gps logged so you can be sure we attended as reported.

Because our cars are on the road all night and not parked in staff driveways between checks, we are able to maintain the fastest response time in the area. on average 5 mins. Staff are trained to asses sites quickly and safely and call for back up when needed.

Smaller patrol runs struggle to match us with alarm response because of the speed in which we can attend. having such a busy client list means we are constantly moving and in many area quickly.

We are the preferred supplier for almost all major alarm monitoring companies in the country.

To name just a few

Securecorp, Wilsons, Onwatch, Sx Protection, Anz,  Suncorp, CBA, ambush State Government security, Qld Health and many many more.

Ask us about the deals available for combined alarm response and patrols.

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Alarm response can be dangerous. Trained professionals are ready to attend with in 5 mins of notification
  • Safety

    Staff and owners stay and home relaxing while we investigate alarm activation and report reasons when safe.
  • Deterent

    Even false alarms have a benefit. We respond to all alarms as if they are intruder active. This helps to train guards and shows those that would do wrong that we are fast and very serious about protecting your business
  • Rapid Response

    average of 5 minute response time in Dalby. we are unmatched in our capacity and capability
  • Quality

    Believe it or not there are companies that will charge you for an alarm response even tho they didn't attend. Our alarm dockets are time stamped and gps logged for your piece of mind and records.