Mobile Patrols

What are they ?

Mobile patrols are a cost effective security deterrent used by over 100 local businesses here in Dalby.

A mobile patrol will visit your business a set number of times during the shift. checking for Open and unlocked doors or windows, trespassers, vandalism or forced entry. Because mobile patrols is a shared service between many businesses you are not paying an hourly rate but only a fraction of the guards time. Using our online quality management systems we are able to prove without a doubt that the work was completed as you have specified. Any issues or incidents are reported to you through this system so you are notified immediately of them. Calls can be made to you or a list of contacts if you require. Our relationship with local authorities means that any issues are responded to asap.

Mobile patrols is a very flexible service that has 3 main options but it doesn’t end there. The Options are listed below but remember we can also add things such as checking freezer temps, safety checks on staff and even escorting them to there cars after a long night shift or staying back late. Nothing is to much trouble.

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Choose what works best for your business. 100% Guaranteed service


Mobile Patrol Categories


Our guard will check your site from the perimeter fence or external building area. The guard is to check to ensure all doors, windows and access points are secure. That there is no fire hazard or unauthorised persons on site.  Any damage or vandalism is to be reported to you through our quality management system. Any break and enters are to be reported to you via the system and phone call as well as arranging for police to attend site. the guard will stay on site until it is again secure or you have issued other directions.  This service can be completed multiple times per night as per your request .


Much like our external check service, this option adds the guard entering the site and checking a compound area. For example entering through a gate and checking the area and building in. This is a better option for some clients that what a more thorougher check and have building checked inside of a fenced area where they may not be able to be seen well from the road. Fences are easy to cut and this service is great for finding if people have entered your site during the night and deterring them from doing so.


We have now partnered with an Australian tech company that specialises in the tech behind tracking and managing security officers and patrols. while the system is very complex behind the scenes it has some benefits we feel are needed in the security industry. If you currently use a patrols service how do you know the work was even done ? does that little calling card mean you got all your service last night or was the guard sleeping after the first check ? What time was the first check done ?

so many questions are left to be answered in a service like this and you seem to be expected to just trust your getting what your paying for. Well not here. each and every  call is tracked via gps, beacons and nfc tags. reporting is done online and time stamped for each entry with pictures, video and even audio uploaded for your records or info. with us its easy to answer all the above questions and more. see our page on quality for more info on this system and how we are trying to change the industry for the better.


This service is as thorough as mobile patrols get. your full site is checked inside and out. A guard will attend and enter your business through main entrys and check each room and area via a foot patrol. Checking all door windows, lunch rooms, safes and out door areas. any issues or risks will be found and dealt with on this patrol. due to the extra time taken on site there is a generally a higher a cost but this also comes with a mush lower risk. you may choose to use this service only once during a shift and then use one of the other fast options or a combination or your choosing.  all checks are logged in our quality management system and verified by gps and beacon tech. all our services are 100% guaranteed or your money back.



Our highly trained & qualified teams are ready to patrol all kinds of businesses in the Dalby and surrounding areas

    Ensuring your site is locked will help avoid crimes of opportunity. or just making it easy for those that would do wrong against you.

    Those that would do wrong see us and know of us. They will notice that we are now patrolling your site and definitely think twice before entering.
  • Mobile Patrol Management

    Get what you pay for and actually benefit from a company that completes it tasks each and every time.

    Your staff will feel and be safer know that they will be entering a safe site each morning or night. Dont take a risk that somebody is lurking in the area.