Security Guards

AKA Static Guards

Security guards on site are also known as static guards and are quite simply the best possible protection for a business or site.

Security guards on site are also known as static guards and are quite simply the best possible protection for a business or site. Able to manage access control, man control rooms, escort staff and watch over construction sites and expensive equipment. We have vast experience in this area and continue to lead with innovation and tech.

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Static guards are a very effective means of security for construction sites, schools, shopping centres, large business, government departments and other such sites. in this kind of work experience counts and we have that in spades. have completed multiple power stations, gas projects, constructions sites and government projects. The thing with static guarding is that its very important how its done. putting a guard on site with no experience or even a system in place is dangerous and will create more issues than it solves.

Guards on site can patrol areas and report any issues to you or the required authorities. Having a guard that is in full uniform, visible, active and knows how to handle any situation will provide unbeatable protection to your site.

But how do you know the guard isn’t simply sleeping or playing games on a phone. or even worse?

Our quality management system and training processes take care of that. Guards are tracked on site 100% of the time for quality assurance and for safety. Tasks can be assigned to guards and these are then verified through the system to ensure they were done unto your standard. Ask us for a demo to find out more.

all guards complete mandatory government training.  We then build on this through in house designed courses and on site training. Guards are also required to how a construction white card and a blue car if working with or around children.


We have been guarding many site for over 18 years. Here are some of our clients over that time and some current ones.

  • * Queensland Dept of education
  • * McConaghy Shopping centres
  • * Arrow Energy
  • * Laing O’Rourke
  • * Bilfinger Berger
  • * Ergon Energy
  • * Queensland Health
  • * State Government Security
  • * Pickles Auctions
  • * Thiese
  • And many more.



  • On Site Patrols

    Either on foot or in a full signed and specked vehicle. the Guards need to be seen. This is a common error others make. Visibility means less attempts on your site
  • Training

    Site inductions are created for your site to ensure all guards are on the same page and mission. Every site is different and has its own challenges so your should be treated as being unique.
  • Quality Management.

    All patrols and site activities are tracked recorded and logged in our system to ensure 100% transparency. You will get the service and value your looking for with us.
  • Access Control Systems

    Access control systems can be managed by guards and reports given to you daily. drug and alcohol testing can also be completed on site